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I really should have posted this long before now.
QotD ending
jessereeves wrote in sleptsolong_lj
This community is for those Queen of the Damned movie, book or fans of the pairing (or the idea of) of Lestat/Jesse. To quickly sum this community up,I'll tell you how I first became a fan of Lestat and Jesse as a possible pairing.

I personally first became a fan of them when I first read the book "Queen of the Damned in the early to mid-1990's. You see it was the first VC I ever read. (Only because the bookstore I bought it from only had that book and no others and I was eager to dive into the VC after learning about the impending IwtV movie release. As I began to read Jesse quickly became my favorite character and I was eagerly awaiting to see if she and Lestat would ever meet. Jesse's story, in the book, intrigued me so much from the very beginning of the story.

But when she finally got to Lestat's concert and got to meet him briefly I was so excited! She got to meet him as she rushed onstage!

But after their way too brief (for me) interaction I was more than a little disappointed they didn't have anything more to do between just the two of them. Don't get me wrong I loved the books but I was a bit disheartened as I finished the book with little more than just a few brief mentions since the concert. And so ended my hopes for Lestat/Jesse and Lestat and Louis flew off into the night in the end. (Well Lestat flew, Louis was carried, ha)

Fast forward to February 2002. I walk out of the movie theater and I am silently squeeing inside Lestat and Jesse were at last Canon! Oh sure not in the book 'verse, but at least they were in some "official" form (whether Anne like it or not in my opinion)

But the VC fandom all but imploded with some form of rage or another. Some , but very few, people like me though, loved it.

And since there are extremely few places online for us I created this community for us. A place where we can go without being judged for our chosen pairing. I've gone though a lot of grief in the years following the release of the movie. For just liking the movie itself by quite a few so-called VC "fans", let along the pairing. So this is a safe haven for us all.

I tend to ramble but Welcome!

Tell us your stories of how you became a Lestat and/or Jesse fan. Both are muchly welcomed here.

I hope to have the rules on the user info soon.

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Oh my God...such a comm exists? And I found it right after rewatching the movie for the hundredth time. *muffles squee*
I always thought that I was alone in my preference for the movie, which I personally found to be infinitely more fulfilling than the book. The latter was a bit boring and sometimes confusing and so I read it and never gave it a second thought; but to each their own is what I say.

The movie sold JessiexLestat for me instantly - INSTANTLY I SAY. I found their movie!chemistry sizzling and when I think about them spending eternity together - finally not alone and misunderstood - I grin like a silly schoolgirl with a crush.
Now the only thing I regret is not finding fanfiction about them anywhere. I might write if I'm desperate enough but I make no promises because my muses are lazy and I frankly have no idea what to write about them...xD

Got any suggestions for drabbles?

P.S: My apologies if this comment is all over the place. I'm just excited to find more fans!

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